Censorship and boundaries

I have been weaving deeply within my own experiences of my voice, me expression and all the suppression, limitations and wounding I have collected over the years.

This past week so much has been showing up around censorship and oppression. I have seen a few posts on social media with the intent to censor others choice of words and language, especially in the new age space! Which isn’t surprising as a huge lack of boundaries can show up in this space as people start to explore their spiritual layers. Our spirituality and relationship to our spiritual self has been suppressed and denied for so long that when we start to enter the new age/spiritual space, especially a space without rigid rules like religions use, we have to start to awaken and practice moving from being controlled, to self regulation and soveriegnity, and in this process we are moving towards healthy, strong, clear boundaries rather than the co-dependance and enmeshment that the system requires of us.

Censorship of others is a way in which we try and protect ourselves when we dont have clear strong boundaries and a deep connection to our own power and truth.

We seek to oppress the other so we can feel a sense of safety and power/control over what is outside of us, over another.

Censorship of language is one of the basic tools used to oppress others. It has been used for centuries to control groups of people. Disconnect them from their language and you disconnect them from their culture and make them easier to control! Once controlled the dominating group can then feel a sense of safety.

These patterns of control, oppression and dominance are showing up in all areas of our lives. They are showing up so that we can truly see them for what they are and see where we are not personally centered in our own power and truth, so that we can shift from those old patterns to new ways of loving and living deeply with life and each other!

When you are centered in your own power and truth, your boundaries are naturally clear and strong, you don’t need to censor and oppress another to feel safe, you are already hold a foundation of true safety. No matter how another chooses to express themselves you are not threatened! You recognise and know your safety comes from being deeply connected to yourself.

We live in the most beautiful planet full of an amazing array of people! Life loves diversity! We have been programmed and conditioned to believe that sameness = safety (monoculture), when the truth is that life thrives in diversity, within the edges of difference!

And so it is!

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