6 years ago today and all the Magick since.

I want to honour this day and the immense and deeply intense journey I have walked over the past 6 years.

6 years ago today I ended up in hospital being told I was dying and needed to start treatment ASAP to keep me alive.

I am still moving through the rebirth of that death experience!

And from such a traumatic event so much beauty, challenge, adventure, joy, bliss, love, intimacy and Magick has been birthed! So much more than I knew would be possible in this lifetime!

Over the past six years I have been so blessed. 2 beautiful, truly delightful and magnificent grandchildren have become part of my life. Gosh they are such beings of love, curiosity, cheekiness and Magick! I love them dearly.

I have also watched my own children blossom and unfold into more of their own magnificence! They have journeyed and transitioned into adulthood and motherhood. Seriously they inspire me and my heart and Soul are so full with them in my life! They have all experienced some huge challenges as they have also journeyed this deep and profound rebirth with me. Their lives have been shaken and turned upside down and it is inspiring to see them take these experiences and become even more of themselves and journey their unique paths with such awareness and truth.

And then there is Chris, the Man I have chosen to walk this Earth lifetime with, he inspires me each and every day! He has taken this challenge and death and rebirth journey and walked it so deeply and powerfully with me. The intimacy that we have cultivated and created through this is deeply nourishing. To witness him with such an overflow of compassion and love for our children, grandchildren and for me is a gift to witness and recieve. To see him awaken to gifts and wisdom he didn’t know he had is such a blessing!

I always knew this level of love was possible and to live and experience it with him, I am so very grateful and blessed!

Our life has unfolded and changed, deepened, so much over the past 6 years. We have slowed down, honoured our own unique paths in a much more potent way. We have sunk deep into Mother Earths arms as she has held us lovingly over the years. We have become stronger, clearer and more intentional. We have aligned more of our lives with our deepest desires. We have activated deeper levels of freedom within ourselves and our lives.

I have deepened into my Shamanic aspects, awakened healing wisdom, activated and remembered my death walking wisdom. Walked ever more gently and powerfully into my own magnificence!

I have fallen more and more in love with my body, my psychic/intuitive self, my purpose and my life!

I live more fully in ways I didn’t know or understand before.

I walk my unique path with a deep knowing of Life and Death that I was not aware of before. My remembering has been profound and beautiful!

And so today I deeply honour the fullness of this Death/rebirth journey. I honour what was, what is and what is to come.

And so it is!

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