Remembering your Sacred Yoni voice.

Your Yoni is sacred and magnificent. She is powerful and intuitive. And she is can be very communicative!

I have had a couple of client sessions lately where we have chatted about UTI’s and my own Yoni has been feeling unsettled lately and so it feels like a good time to share some wisdom and weave some Magick in relation to our Yoni’s 😍

Often we are carrying some level of disconnection and separation from our wombs and Yonis. We are not often exposed to life where we are deeply connected to our bodies, our wombs and our Yonis! Although this is shifting and I have witnessed so many beautiful and powerful women leading the way with this!

Our Yoni is sacred! She is an Oracle and a profound transmuter/alchemist/creatress! She takes spirit, Soul and births it into the world. She takes the unformed and brings it into form!

When we have sex, she will ‘recieve’ what her partner is not aware of yet, or is hidden deep, or is not processing. She will take this and bring it into physical awareness in some form. This is to create, to manifest, to bring into being!

When we remember this ancient knowing of her power, we can create deeper levels of intimacy within our sexual relationships. We can create a deeper relationship with ourself and our own power!

We are being called to remember how to listen to her, to honour her as the deeply sacred portal she is. Her voice is sacred! Listen! Truly listen! Remember your ancient knowing! Remember this ancient language of deep connection with her!

What is she sharing with you today?

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