Are your words cultivating Personal responsibility and Power.

Yesterday Russia declared war of the Ukraine. There is much fear of WW3 breaking out.

Even the words that I have written above are bypassing the truth. What is really happening is Putin is trying to feel powerful by controlling others and bullying others and those people in the military are denying their own personal responsibility and power and doing what Putin says and choosing to kill innocent people. We forget that it is people who hold up the system. Putin is not walking around with a gun killing people, he is ordering others to do that!

It is the same with the mandates! Covid didn’t lock down our lives, we did! We the people!

Those who are disconnected from their own divine power will seek to be controlled and as that feels quite powerless, seek to control others to feel a sense of power.

We are seeing clearly those who are disconnected from their power and how they are supporting the system of control.

And its time we stopped using words and language that not only supports the illusions and distortions that keep the system in place but that also keep us in denial of our magnificence and of our divine power!

If all the people in the military decided they were not going to attack others, Putin would just be seen as a raving lunatic, a man desperate to feel a sense of power, a crazy man speaking useless threats.

Our issue is not our leaders. They are just disempowered people who think that if they can control a person, a state, a nation, a country or world of people then they would finally feel powerful.

There is always the question and then the answering of that question. The system is held up by those who are asking to be controlled. Asking to be ruled over. It feels easier and safer. In their collective desire to be controlled rather than lean into their personal responsibility and power, they call forth those who desire to control and therefore feel powerful over another. And the system has been created to support this and cultivate this! It needs it to exist!

But power is never cultivated that way. It is only cultivated from within oneself. It is only cultivated through personal responsibility that is deeply aligned with natural and cosmic law.

We need to start using our words to reflect the truth. Our mandates still exist because people are holding them in place. People who are seeking control and power outside of themselves by regulating another. Our State leaders can say there are mandates but it is individual people who are implementing and holding them in place.

And we as humans have so many words we use to hold our own denial in place. To keep the illusions and distortions in place so that we dont feel where we are giving away our soveriegn power because fuck that shit hits deeply and hurts when we acknowledge to ourselves that we not only hurt ourselves but also contributed actively in controlling, oppressing and denying another human being. 😥

If we are individually all holding up the system through our own disempowerment, then to dissolve and remove the system we have to look within ourselves. We have to do the innerwork to come into a deep relationship with our own divine power, and from this place we will make very different choices. We would not only recognise but have been practicing choosing freedom, respect, honouring and love over controlling or being controlled.

I activate now all pathways, all intentions and desires of divine power. That we know and remember and recognise our deep, divine magnificence. That we know ourselves as the masters we are!

That we see clearly the words we are using and that we no longer use them to hold up illusions and distortions that keep us in denial of our divine truth, power and magick.

That we recognise and live into our personal responsibility. That we know how to choose and that we know we are free to choose.

That we know, recognise and cultivate deep levels of love, freedom, grace, honour, respect and joy.

That we know this on all levels of our being and through all times, dimensions, realms and realities now!

And so it is!

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