Michelle is a Shaman of the Ancient Wild ways and a Weaver of Barefoot Magick.
Sharing her gifts and wisdom as she travels fulltime in their bus home, honouring the calling of her Soul and Weaving pathways of Magick across this beautiful country.
With a unique blend of her healing gifts and connection to Spirit,  she Weaves her Barefoot Magick to bring you into alignment and balance with your own Divine Truth, Power and Magick.

Welcome to my online space.

These are my offerings and overflowings put into form. I am honoured to connect with you.

I am journeying through this life in a deep remembering of my own sacred Truth, Power and Magick. I know myself as a Shaman of the ancient wild ways. Before there was compartments and labels, when weaving was all there was. The weaving of all of life into a beautiful experience of love itself. The weaving of dark and light, of challenge and of bliss, of joy and sorrow, of death and rebirth.

I flow with these weavings, not always aware of their potency, meaning and magick, just following the threads that call to me.

My offerings are an overflow of my connection to all of life and all of death and the weaving that happens within the mystery of both.

I have always found it hard to define the work I do and what I offer and so I ask you to listen to your Soul, to feel into my offerings and how they are speaking to you. In truth,our connection is deeper than these words, deeper than the format of a session. It is deep within the connection, the remembering that you will connect deeper to your own Truth, Power and Magick.

And so it is!

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